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Giggles loves turtles by Porygon2z

Mature Content

Eddie vs the Tiger Soldier by TheUnlikelyHuman
Father and Child Barbueque by TheUnlikelyHuman
AT - Flippaky the Bear by TheUnlikelyHuman
Canon Tree Friends
Serious Nutty by Kawaii-Flaky
Favourite Girls by Kawaii-Flaky
There She Is by Kawaii-Flaky
Flaky Reading by Kawaii-Flaky
Fanon Tree Friends
Comandante Loco by NoaMocca
Little Elissabeth by pinguino777
Petunia: comm (updated~) by 123JACKjack
Naga Mel squeezes Cuddles by BoggyTheWorm
Crafty Friends
Animated Friends
Spooky (original size) by IsadlmTFM
Spooky (icon) by IsadlmTFM

Mature Content

(lenny face) by IsadlmTFM
Humanized Friends
HTF - GET DUNKED ON! by PepperMintyBlizzard
HTF Bloopers - Contacts by PepperMintyBlizzard
Flippy by DarkHarvest96
Peek-a-boo by DarkHarvest96
Happy Tree Friends Human Flippy Cosplay~ by SpunketPunk
[TEST] Mole Cosplay by MyMuffins
DA ID XD by BeePrimeTF
HTFOC +cosplay+ keep going, f*cker by BeePrimeTF
Out in the Rainy Day by PokeDramaFriends98
Raccoon Bros. Selfies (Feat. Amourshipping) by PokeDramaFriends98
Splendid by Xtianzthewolf
Cosplaying as Ash by PokeDramaFriends98
Sketchy Friends
HTS : Little help by Cliff-kun
Miss headless giggle by Cliff-kun
RQ : When parents not stay home.. by Cliff-kun
Cheer up lammy!! by Cliff-kun
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:iconshelldon-the-turtle: Shelldon-The-Turtle :iconawesome-htf: Awesome-HTF Icon by cutefluffycat :iconhtf-explode: Htf-Explode HTF is awsome :iconcoolest-htf-ocs: Coolest-HTF-OCs :iconhtf-anthro-and-sexy: HTF-Anthro-and-Sexy :iconhtf-we-are-happy-htf: HTF-We-Are-Happy-HTF Why is innocence so unlucky? :iconhtf-world-class: HTF-World-Class :iconhappy-tree-club: Happy-Tree-Club Resistance is futile. :iconhappytreefriends123: happytreefriends123 Htfs forever! :iconhappy-tree-friend3: Happy-tree-friend3 :iconhappy-tree-fandom: Happy-Tree-Fandom :iconhtf-forever: HTF-Forever This Is HTF Fandom :iconhtfyaoixyuri: HTFYaoixYuri :iconhtf-lovers: HTF-Lovers if u love HTF, join to all! :iconhtf-fan-group: HTF-Fan-Group All artists welcome :iconhtf-art-club: HTF-Art-Club :iconhtf-creative-castle: HTF-Creative-Castle Happy Tree Friends Gallery


Group Info

PLEASE join the group to submit art! We'll accept anything that doesn't violate our/ DA's rules, but we want you to be part of our community! There's lots of great suff about being in a group, but no negative outcomes reach my mind!

Deviations are accepted from members automatically.

Hey there Happy Tree Friends fans! This group, unlike most others, allows ALL htf deviations because we're not prejudiced assholes! What a glorious day!

No homophobia, transphobia, racism, mysogony, or any other type of hate based on anything is allowed here. All art is beautiful and made by beautiful people! Groups are all about deviants coming together to be nerds about things that they love, and getting their work seen by potential friends, so let's not let our own personal views get in the way of eachothers' fun!

-If DA allows it, so do we! This means all types of themes, pairings, body types, EVERYTHING!
-Don't be a douche! Or we'll find you
-Submission limit??? NOPE. Nuna that shit. Submit as much as you like, whenever! Just please submit either to the specific folder, or to Featured. Excessive abuse of the folders or posting non-Tree Friends related art more than 3 times and YER OUTTA HERE!!

The icon is just to tide us over until we get more members, at which point we'll ask everybody to pick one deviation they'd like included, and we'll make a big collage out of them!

Founded 3 Years ago
Dec 27, 2013


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Fan Club

256 Members
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This is with regards to the current scenario with :iconsbccanimation: And the Happy Tree Friends Wikia staff.

Regardless of who was in the right on the situation of Flaky's gender, I messed up.

I should have handled the situation with a lot more tact and grace than I actually did. Instead I became rude and loud for no reason.

And in doing so I horribly misrepresented and maligned the minority members of the HTF fandom and their interests in the eyes of others, thus endangering them, and basically- I have failed to do right by them.

To this end I owe everyone I involved in this mess a huge apology.

I'll just stick to approving submissions and trying to calmly educate people.
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SBCCanimation Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There is a journal that has not been approved by your leader, that has all the info you need to vote. If you want to vote, I'll raise the voting time to one more day. If you are interested in voting, please give me a reply. If you have an account, you can just hop onto to Wiki, and it should be on of the top announcements. Check Wiki activity.
SBCCanimation Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, I am Sandgar from Happy Tree Friend Wiki, and we had a recent vote on if Flaky's gender is Female or if it should be unknown. I would like you to spread the news that Flaky's gender is now female, and it is now canon.…
(2 Replies)
FlippyIsKing18 Featured By Owner May 30, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Greeting, this is his royal highness, King T.K. :iconflippyisking18:.
Are you being harassed, not feeling appreciated, or are just looking for friends? Would you like to be a knight for my army, to help fight back against bullies? Just ask for the oath, fill it out, and I'll consider you as a member of the army! (Though, to be fair, I'll most likely say 'yes'. But still, I'd like you to take the oath.) Or, you can just come to meet me! I am always looking for new friends, and I shall never deny you, or judge you based on your preferences. I hope I get to meet you! Long Live the King!
(2 Replies)
Steinwreck Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Just a quick question: how long does it normally take for Literature submissions to be accepted? Also, why is it not possible to submit work to the Literature folder?
(1 Reply)
AlternateReality56 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 14, 2016  Student General Artist
i love htf
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Chrystalbella Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Timid0033 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thx so much for requesting my Padded Elsa drawing:happycry:
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MinccinoAnimations Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Fixed the link to my HTF OC contest!
Check it out in the description here:
MinccinoAnimations Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Can we add journals about contests related to htf?HTF Base Eyes sparkling (Woman) 
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